“It is my sincere pleasure to share my thoughts about my experience at Vandashree Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya. The time I spent at Vandashree has been the most significant thing I could have done to propel forward my career in Ayurveda thus far. The knowledge that Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rupali have alongside their years of experience is astonishing, and the fact that they work together, consult together, and have the same philosophy in practice makes them a true power couple. Understanding the thought process behind how they diagnose and treat their patients was what I focussed on during my work with them, and I am a testament to the fact that they treat with the utmost respect and with a true genuine concern for the wellbeing of their patients. Their wisdom in Ayurveda is astonishing, but it was not only this that I was so impressed by. They truly look beyond and take into consideration the “whole being” when considering the restoration of health, and tailor their treatment to best serve their patients on an individual basis with consideration this in mind. They do what is best for the patient no matter the situation, and this is the true spirit of Ayurveda. 

They have built a lovely center where wellbeing and balance are the main focus, and everything is intended to support that, from the freshly prepared food that is tailored specifically towards optimal digestion, to the serenity of the center itself, to the Ayurvedic lifestyle present that they themselves live daily.
Both Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rupali are unbelievably genuine in their practice, and having spent countless hours with them outside of the clinic in discussion, I can honestly say they are truly wonderful one-of-a-kind people as well. They have shifted how I viewed this science, and after my time with them at their center, I honestly now feel I have the tools and have solidified a proper foundation with which treat my own patients with even more confidence and certainty. My years of study have given me knowledge in Ayurveda, but it was Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rupali that empowered me with the clarity to see beyond the texts and understand the trueroot cause of dis-ease. They have given me a great advantage over my colleagues and I am proud to know that the knowledge they have shared with me will make me stand out amongst my peers. I feel truly fortunate to have been invited to work alongside them, to have been treated by them, and to have been groomed by them as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. The time they dedicated to me, the care they gave me, and concern they showed for me is something I value tremendously, and my appreciation towards them is more than I could ever express through words. 

I whole heartedly recommend taking the time to visit Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rupali at their center in Malvan. Whether it is to learn alongside them in one of their programs, to be treated by them personally at their retreat, or to make an appointment to see them in Mumbai, the time you spend with them is an investment in yourself that you will forever be grateful for, and something you will value indefinitely. I look forward to returning to Vandashree in the future, and hope to one day have the impact in my community that they have so admirably had in theirs. The size of their hearts is unmeasurable, and the love they have for what they do gives you the assurance that if you are with them, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. All the best to you and to your health.”


Helen Magnani
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Los Angeles, USA
Founder of Wellness By Helen

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